Xiaomi's Mi CC9 and Mi CC9e with 48-megapixel selfie camera to be launched soon

The phones are MI CC9 and MI CC9e with a flip camera of 48 megapixels to be launched soon read more...

Xiaomi's Mi CC9 and Mi CC9e with 48-megapixel selfie camera to be launched soon
Mi CC9 and Mi CC9e with 48-megapixel selfie camera.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is currently preparing to launch K20 Pro in India. But before that, the company has released a flip selfie camera smartphone teaser. Let me tell you that this will be a smartphone with Xiaomi's first flip selfie camera. In India, Asus has launched Zenfone 6Z and has a similar flip camera. 
Xiaomi had partnered with Chinese company Meitu last year. Under this, the agreement is to use the camera patent. However, for the support, Xiaomi will be the company and the company can launch it in the name of Mi CC9.

According to the report, Xiaomi's smartphone will be named Mi CC9 and its two variants will be launched, one of which will be the Mi CC9e variant. Many of these upcoming smartphones are leaked and its prices are included. According to the leak, the smartphone will be mid-range and selfie will be focused.

Xiaomi's teaser poster can be seen that this smartphone has been given the same flip camera module as the Asus 6Z. Although not two, three cameras have been given. This camera module will work for the front and rear. This camera module will be on the rear panel of the phone, but this camera will come forward to tap on the front cam icon for a selfie.

According to the report, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor will be given in Mi CC9. It is being reported that the MiC CC9 will provide 32-megapixel primary camera. However, it will be the second variant of Mi CC9e, it will not have a flip camera and it will be given a 48-megapixel lens.