Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna's Dear Comrade movie review and rating by audience: Live updates

Dear Comrade starring Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna has opened with a positive response from the audience read more....

Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna's Dear Comrade movie review and rating by audience: Live updates
Dear Comrade movie review.

After the success of romantic entertainer 'Geetha Govindam', actors Vijay Devarkonda and Rashmika Madanna have collaborated for the latest sensational Telugu flick 'Dear Comrade'.

Vijay Devarkonda and Rashmika Madanna starring movie is all about the relationship between two contrasting characters. Apart from showcasing a love story, the film also addresses an important message on sexual harassment.

Directed by Bharat Kamma, Dear Comrade is about the life of Bobby (Vijay), an impulsive person, fights for injustice and student leader union. While Lilly (Rashmika) is a state-level cricket player, sensitive girl. Will Bobby change his vigorous attitude for his lady love? is the rest of the story with high octane mass scenes of a student leader. Watch it for Vijay Devarkonda's mass performance and the lead pair's adorable chemistry.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see audience's response.

Theju posted: Literally unable to blink or breathe. Such hotness konda #DearComrade Love the way Bobby loves Lilly. So so so so pure, it has my heart ♥️ He does everything in his power to please her, protect her, empower her, and make her succeed. #DearComrade Noted that in sync with the current water problems; they have a scene in particular where @TheDeverakonda takes bath sans a shower Little things but important things #DearComrade

SWATI GANJI posted: #Dearcomrade.. @TheDeverakonda we loved the way you lived in the movie..We loved the way you loved lilli..We loved the way you have shown emotions in the right way at right time.. long way to go..lots of love and you proved Success doesnt need just needs Talent

Shiva Warangal posted: Just watched #DearComrade.. Though it is an honest and genuine attempt, have to see how well our telugu audience wil receive it. It wl fly high in tamil n malayalam fr sure.. @TheDeverakonda U just lived in da character n u hav dat charishma of becoming a super star.. College canteen song is missing in US premieres of #DearComrade The first half of the movie is so natural n authentic that i never felt like watching a movie bt a real story. Second half is equally emotional n influential. @iamRashmika @TheDeverakonda #BharathKamma If u feel, influence and react to a character that is playing on the screen, he is the true definition of an actor. When u watch @TheDeverakonda in #DearComrade u wil experience it. U wil feel proud, pain, angree, disgust, cherished n what not.. He wil b a hearthrobe comrade.

Venkyreviews posted: #DearComrade Overall a very hard hitting and realistic movie that makes you wish you had a Comrade in your life! The only problem that I had is there were times where the movie felt too slow Can't predict the commercial range but definitely atleast a one time watch! ✊✊ ✊@TheDeverakonda and @iamRashmika gave career best performances. Watching their chemistry on screen created a very realistic impact! You guys killed it @bharatkamma direction skills were also very good and is a talent to watch out for.

HitWicket posted: #DearComrade Good movie for sure. I just really really wish the movie was told from the perspective of Rashmika and not Vijay. She had the biggest conflict ...with her ambition, with the society, with vijay, with her father...and so much more. Concentrating on Vijay for his loss of love of what..2 months? ..spending so much time on it ..felt a bit off when she was the one dealing with so much trauma. Leaving that was a good movie with great acting and chemistry..! Song picturizations #DearComrade.

Mandanna Meganadh Sai Jasti posted: #DearComrade : All the rowdy boys and girls who are excited for this film- VD&Rashmika pair looks great on screen once again. Excellent performance by Rashmika ♥️ Bharat kamma the debutant director tried to narrate his story in a different way Connecting a ❤️ story Social movement.

Chaitanya Havaligi posted: #DearComrade @iamRashmika special mention to your performance mam....last scene was so heart touching. I could feel the anger, suppression and fear of a women in that performance. you stepped ur game with this movie literally I feel. #DearComrade For all those Telugu folks who are saying movie is good but screenplay is very slow, will be ready to watch similar content and movies if it comes in Tamil or Malayalam ‍♂️ ..some stories have to be told in that Dalapathy movie...@iamRashmika @TheDeverakonda