UK court allows Vijay Mallya to appeal against the extradition order

On Tuesday, the Royal Courts of Justice in London given authorization to fugitive Vijay Mallya to appeal to India against extradition read more...

UK court allows Vijay Mallya to appeal against the extradition order
File Photo of Vijay Mallya.

According to the PTI, the bench has said Westminster Magistrate Court Chief Judge Emma Arbuthnot's arguments can be reasonably and 
Only one restricted ground was allowed to appeal in order to resolve some of the reduced court's proof and interpretations.

The court has said that the evidence was high volume; it is important to point material error".

Former Kingfisher Airlines Boss had told the reporters outside London's Royal Courts that he had always maintained charges against him and repeated his offer to repay Indian banks ' debt.

"I have always maintained that these are false charges, fabricated charges, and have no merit. And I think my point has now been vindicated," said Mallya.

"Two senior-most judges of the High Court have permitted me to appeal the decision of the Westminster Magistrate in the prima facie case on the merits of the charges against me by the government of India... I wanted to win on the prima facie grounds because that is central to everything and deals with the government's charges against me and the Division Bench felt that decision was appealable, and that means the most to me," he said.

The UK court also noted to Vijay Mallya's money laundering. However, Vijay Mallya's argument that he won't get a righteous path in India was dismissed by the court.

Mallya counsel and case arugments have pointed out to the court that "the banks were fully aware of his financial situation and the position in with KFA (Kingfisher Airlines) was in and knew the lendings would be used for all sorts of things."

Now the case is proceed to a complete hearing phase and it will be determined in the coming weeks.