Tired of Oily Skin? Get instant treatment with Face Pack rich in almond

To overcome the problem of oily skin, try a home-made face pack mixed with almond read more...

Tired of Oily Skin? Get instant treatment with Face Pack rich in almond
Get rid of oily skin at home now with this almond-enriched face pack!

People who have oily skin find it difficult to manage it on a regular basis. One can even get dark patches or acne if not maintained well. Due to changes in hormones, many teenage girls face the problem of oily skin. Different kinds of lotions or make-up products are used to modify the skin. However, all of these are temporary solutions.

Thus, what to do get rid of oily skin forever? Yes, it is tough to take care of oily skin. But, there is an amazing treatment which can help you get rid of the problem forever. You can make different packs such as an almond based pack which can gradually make your normal skin.

Almond is advantageous for skin in several ways. Let us comprehend a few:

•    Almond oil penetrates into the skin and treats various skin problems like acne or pimples.
•    You can also overcome the problem of oily skin with it.
•    There are various antioxidants present in almond which ultimately gives you glowing skin.
•    Loaded with Vitamin E, almonds make the skin blemish free.

Oily skin produces sebum which captures dirt on the skin and results into acne. 

Ingredients for the face pack:

•    One tablespoon fuller’s earth or Multani mitti
•    5 to 6 almonds, ground into powder form and
•    Rosewater (few drops), honey, yogurt.


- Take a tablespoon of fuller’s earth in a bowl and add the crushed almonds into it.

- Add a few drops of rose water in the mixture. You can even add honey and yogurt to make a nice paste. 

- After mixing it, apply on the face. Keep for 10 to 15 minutes. Later, rinse your face with water.

Your skin gets hydrated with this treatment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to apply the pack regularly.