Survive the summer with Skin Care Tips

Keep the essential products in your bag to beat the summer heat and thus, take care of your skin.

Survive the summer with Skin Care Tips
save your skin this summer by skin care tips

As the summer season approaches we all face some unique challenges related to our skin. Our skin may get damaged due to sweat, humidity, and heat and UV rays. Find out the below tips to take care of your skin during hot weather and thus, keep it fresh and charged up. 

1) SPF or Sunscreen: To prevent your skin from aging and any form of skin cancer, broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must. Due to hot weather, your SPF may sweat off more often. Hence, you need to reapply it every two hours.

Apply the sunscreen as recommended by the doctor as they may suggest you which one is suitable for your skin.

2) Oil-free moisturizer: During summer you must properly hydrate your skin. Due to dehydration, excess oil is created on the face. Those who face oily skin in summer should go for a lightweight moisturizer. It helps in refreshing the skin and keeps it hydrated for a longer time.

3) Scrubs: Due to the heat, your body becomes greasier. Hence, you need a body scrub which can be applied on the face as well as other body parts. Do not overuse it or your skin may become dry. You can use it twice or thrice a week.

4) Cream for treating Acne:Acne is the major issue during hot season as oily skin combines with summer skin problems. You need to overcome it by using acne spot treatment which will prevent the occurrence of breakouts.

5) Anti- Tanning Creams: Tanning is what everyone must be facing as the sunrays can affect the skin badly. All you need to do is apply anti-tanning creams and face packs on a regular basis.