Stay in Relationship without losing yourself

In this fast moving life, grow your wonderful relationship with your partner, without losing your identity.

Stay in Relationship without losing yourself

Being in love with someone and spending time with your partner is the most wonderful thing about the relationship. However, chances are, you may get yourself lost in the relationship, especially when you are trying to compromise or alter yourself a lot.

Thus, below are some expert tips which you can follow to keep your relationship strong without getting lost.

1. Spend Time Away from your partner: It is important to have your own time and the same should be given to your partner. It means you should hang out with your old friends without your partner. Also at the same time when your partner is going out with his or her bunch of friends who should not feel annoyed. Thus, give space to each other.

2. Check on one-sided compromises: Any relationship works well if both the partners accept each other good and bad points. However, this does not mean you should change yourself to please your partner. If you compromise more than the limit you are leading an unhealthy relationship. Therefore, do not disparage your existence in the relationship.

3. Keep up your hobbies and interest alive: It may happen that your partner may like sports whereas you love dancing. Hence, you both should enjoy your own hobbies and do not give up on it just for the sake of your partner. You can go dancing classes on your own and let your partner enjoy the desired game. 

4. Good to disconnect electronically
You should keep away from checking on your partner every minute by sending messages or calling him or her. Constant chatting may not help you in spending time for yourself.

5. Plan your future irrespective your partner: Try to make your own career plans or travel goals and establish yourself too. This way you can decide what you want in your personal life, keeping aside your partner.