SHOCKER: Indian Armed Forces lack 9,427 officer ranks while they still require 78,291 jobs!

IAF lack 9,427 officer ranks and they still require 78, 291 jobs read more...

SHOCKER: Indian Armed Forces lack 9,427 officer ranks while they still require 78,291 jobs!
Shocking, Indian Armed Forces lack 9,427 officers ranks!

According to the Ministry of Defence, the Indian Army has a strength of 50,312 officers but only 42,913 officer positions have been occupied while there is a shortage of 7,399 officer posts.

In the armed forces, a total of 78,291 positions are vacant. In the Indian Navy, out of a total of 11,557 officer positions, only 10,012 are filled and they also have a shortage of positions of 1,545 positions. While the authorised strength of the Indian Air Force is 12,625 officers, almost around 483 officer positions according to the latest data. In the three armed forces, airmen and sailor positions are also vacant.

In the Air Force, there are 13,823 positions while 1,42,917 positions are sanctioned and 1,29,094 positions for personnel below officer roles are filled.

According to the ministry, the reason why there is such a shortage of personnel in the Indian armed forces is due to the casualties¸ injuries, pre-mature retirements and retirements. Fortunately, the government is taking a lot of measures to make sure that the number of shortages is reduced.

The measures taken by the government so far are; participation in career fairs and exhibitions, sustained image projection, and a publicity campaign to create awareness among the youth and explaining the advantages of taking up a challenging and satisfying career.

Apart from that, the armed forces are given various steps to make a career by establishing attractive and a better promotion prospect, better compensation for risk & hardships, more attractive pay package, additional family accommodation through Married Accommodation Project (MAP) etc.