Rajinikanth opposes Amit Shah's Hindi imposition

Hindi Language won't be accepted: Rajinikanth on Amit Shah's Hindi Remark.

Rajinikanth opposes Amit Shah's Hindi imposition
Rajinikanth opposes Amit Shah's Hindi imposition (ANI).

Rajinikanth announced entry into politics on 31 December 2017 and confirmed his intention to contest in the 2021 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly elections. He stated that his party would resign if it was unable to fulfill its electoral promises within three years of coming into power.

Amit Shah, Union home minister on Saturday said that 'unity and diversity is the strength of our nation, but a national language is needed so that foreign languages do not overpower our own.'

Meanwhile, on Saturday he tweeted 'India is a country of many different languages, and each language has its own significance, but it is necessary to have a common language that becomes the mark of India's identity globally... Today, if there is one language that has the ability to string the nation together in unity, it is the Hindi language which is the most widely-spoken and understood language in India.'

Rajinikanth responded to the remark and said 'A common language not just for India, but any country, is good for its unity and progress. Unfortunately, (one cannot) bring a common language in our country. So you cannot impose any language,'. He added 'Especially, if you impose Hindi, not just Tamil Nadu, no southern state will accept that. Many states in northern parts will also not accept that'.

However, he (Rajinikanth) supported the whole idea of a common language, but according to him it will not be effective in India.