Questions you must ask to test the Compatibility with your Partner

It is essential to know whether your lover and you are thinking of the similar lines for which compatibility test can help.

Questions you must ask to test the Compatibility with your Partner
Questions you ask your partner to test the Compatibility

Compatibility is the essence of any relationship. If you have a lack of understanding between each other it may affect you in future and problems may arise. 
Many couples who have broken off may have failed to understand each other properly. Thus, to achieve relationship goals, it is important that both the partners are on the same page. 

To check the compatibility level, you must ask your partner some personal questions as below:

1. What did you learn from your past relationships?

2. What are your thoughts regarding a dream date?

3. Are you ready to compromise at times to make the relationship successful?

4. Do you still have any relationship with your exes?

5. How should a couple plan regarding finances?

6. How much important is sharing in a relationship?

7. According to you who is a perfect partner: one who is good looking or one who is wise?

8. Whom would you call first in case you have got yourself in some problem?

9. What do your best friends tell about you?

10. What is your craziest fantasy which you would like to do with me?

11. Are you ready to relocate if circumstances require?

12. How do you define a balanced relationship?

13. Which is your favorite romantic moment and why?

14. In case you are facing a bad day, are you ready to share it with me or let me give you some 

15. What is your idea regarding a romantic gift? Should it be a memorable one or useful?

16. Are you ready to share regarding past relationship issues?

These are some crucial as well as interesting questions which you must ask your partner to develop great compatibility.