Photographer of Kim Jong Un was sacked for blocking crowd view of him

For damaging the dignity of Kim Jong Un, his personal photographer was fired as the view of the crowd was getting blocked read more...

Photographer of Kim Jong Un was sacked for blocking crowd view of him
Kim Jong-Un's Photographer Fired For Blocking View Of His Neck From The Crowd For 3 Seconds.

Kim Jong Un, North Korean Leader, dignity got affected when his personal photographer blocked the crowd's view for him. The leader was voting on that day under the Supreme People’s Assembly.

It was informed that the photographer had put the camera angle wrongly and thus was purged. During this event, the neck of the Korean leader got covered.

This personal photographer of the Korean Leader, who is known as surname Ri, is a 47-year old man. He is also a member of the Korean Art Film Studio. On March 12, the photographer was removed from the party and even he had to lose his position. This was after he had tried his best to capture some good images of the leader.

According to the Daily NK report, the photographer was found guilty for adjusting the camera angle due to which the neck of the supreme leader was not visible. He was standing in front of the leader and camera flash bar hid his view from the public.

Not only this, Ri had violated a few more rules. According to North Korean Authorities, he had damaged the Supreme dignity of the leader because Kim’s body part was hidden for three seconds. He was also blamed for violating the rule of taking photographs of his leader at the distance of two meters. Ri also did not follow the rule of not taking the pictures or videos of the leader by directly standing in from of him.

This incident took place when the North Korean leader gave his appearance for North Korea’s election. Currently, the video had been re-edited after removing Ri.