OnePlus 7 Pro is Rs 5800 cheap at this country, guess the new price

The OnePlus 7 pro is out now and is considered to be one of the most premium smartphones read more...

OnePlus 7 Pro is Rs 5800 cheap at this country, guess the new price
OnePlus 7 Pro is Rs 5800 cheap in this Canada. Read the article below...

The price of OnePlus 7 Pro has been cut. This cut in price has been done in Canada, after which the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone can be bought at a cheap price of about Rs 5,800 less. The special thing is that even those who have bought this phone at the current price, they are being given their extra money back in accordance with the reduced price. 

The base model of OnePlus 7 Pro i.e. 6GB RAM and 128GB storage variant has been reduced from CAD999 (around Rs 52,478) to CAD899 (about Rs 47,225). At the same time, its 8GB / 256GB and 12GB / 256GB models have been cut by CAD110 (around Rs 5,778), after which the 8GB RAM variant is now CAD939 (around Rs 49,327) and 12GB models now CAD1,009 (about Rs 53,004).

In Canada, from OnePlus's official website, customers can buy this phone at a new cost. The company has said that this reduction in price is not for any Limited Time but rather Permanent. Not only this, but the company has also said that people who bought this phone between May 17 and June 28 will be given a different refund between the new price and the old price.

Customers will be sent an email on behalf of the OnePlus for Refund Why is this deduction in the price of one plus in Canada? No information has been given about it at this time. OnePlus is the premium smartphone company.