NIA team arrives for cooperation in the investigation of the Easter bomb blast case

Sri Lanka claimed that bombers who have supported are visiting some parts of India and Kashmir read more...

NIA team arrives for cooperation in the investigation of the Easter bomb blast case
Easter bomb blast case.

The two-member team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) is in Sri Lanka in connection with the investigation of the Easter bomb blasts. Officials gave this information on Wednesday. Sri Lanka had claimed that terrorists who had loyalty to the IS and who carried out the attacks had visited parts of India including Kashmir.

The NIA team is led by Inspector General Alok Mittal, who has examined the ISIS related cases in South India. The terror module exposes the conspiracy to kill key leaders. 

During the investigation of the case, the NIA warned Sri Lanka that ISIS terrorists are plotting to attack there.

India is regularly sharing intelligence information about the possible terrorist attack by targeting the Indian High Commission and religious places in Sri Lanka. Indian delegation will give detailed information of their investigation to Sri Lanka in this case.

Earlier on Monday (May 27th), Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena had said that the emergency law in the country will be removed within one month as the security generated by Easter's suicide bomb attack status 99 percent has become normal.

The President's Media Division, said in a statement that Sirisena thanked the ambassadors of the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, America, and European countries for providing intelligence and other cooperation.

On April 21 in Sri Lanka, 258 people were killed and 500 others were injured in a suicide bomb attack on three churches and three luxury hotels. After that, an emergency was imposed in the country. This attack was considered to be the most heinous attack ever in Sri Lanka.