Lindsey Vonn flaunts her amazing physique in a white swimsuit

Lindsey Vonn and boyfriend PK Subban spent their day at the Miami beach, with Lindsey seen in a hot revealing white swimsuit read more ......

Lindsey Vonn flaunts her amazing physique in a white swimsuit
Lindsey Vonn snaped at miami beach with boyfriend PK Subban

Lindsey Vonn is a retired American ski racer, but Lindsey has maintained her body as if she is ready to take on the alps Lindsey Vonn and her boyfriend P.K Subban spent a day at the Miami Beach, where she is seen in a white bathing suit and duo showing PDA. 

Lindsey Vonn before heading to the beach, was seen in a lime green two-piece bikini when she went on a shopping spree in Miami, later where they attened a pool party. The 34-year-old former Alpine skier and 29-year-old hockey player couldn’t stop from showing PDA throught out the pool party. 

At the party, Lindsey was wearing a white revealing swimsuit, which had huge cuts under her arm, and showed off her toned legs, the swimsuit showed off Lindsey’s amazing physique. A report said, “She showed off a healthy glow, and her skimpy suit displayed tan lines from past bikinis.” While Subban looked relaxed and chilled out in his baby blue shirt and reddish-maroon shorts, in one of the pictures, Subban hands are placed on Lindsey’s derriere as the couple kissed. Lindsey Vonn and Subban have been dating for a year now, the Nashville Predators defense-man played a major role when Lindsey was down with injuries and decided to call-it off, Vonn announced her retirement in February 2019, after the Sweden world championship. Lindsey and Subban made their first public appearance last year in June at the CMT awards. Subban, had planned a retirement party for Lindsey Vonn at their Nashville home,where he had a cake made in shape of a goat which means ‘Greatest Of All Time’, according to the Montreal Gazette.

Subban said, “I had the whole year pretty much to plan for it,” he said “You knew at some point she was going to retire. I think she enjoyed it. Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do for Valentine’s Day. I do have something planned for that. I’m a planner, I guess you could say.”

Previously Lindsey Vonn was married to skier Thomas Vonn (2007-2011), though her most famous link-up was to golfer Tiger Woods, the duo dated fro 2 years before calling it off. Later she rumored to be with Kenan Smith, an NFL coach, but her relationship with Subaan is more firm, Lindsey in an interview said, “He’s definitely the on,he's amazing and I'm very lucky to be with him.”