Kurukshetra: 5 reasons to watch Darshan's historical movie

Read the top five reason to watch Challenging Star Darshan's historical movie Kurukshetra. Directed and produced by Munirathna.

Kurukshetra: 5 reasons to watch Darshan's historical movie
Darshan's Kurukshetra is about to hit the silver screens in a week and all the Challenging Star fans are excited about their yearly treat. 

Darshan's most awaited movie 'Kurukshetra' is gearing up for Varamahalaksmi release on August 9th. Directed and produced by Munirathna the film is all about a historical war and the reinterpretation of the Mahabharata from the view of Duryodhana, a Kaurava king, played by Challenging Star. 

While the filmmakers gear up for a big release, the film acquires huge buzz amongst the diehard fans of Darshan as they are pretty much excited to see him in a historical war cinema. His looks as in the epic movie has flattered the hearts of his fans globally.

Here are the top five reasons to watch 'Yajamaana' actor's much-hyped flick 'Kurukshetra': 


The total makeover of Darshan as Duryodhana has caught the eyes of his fans. His huge muscular looks and strong dialogue delivery is the highlight of Muniratha's Kurukshetra.

The Story be the hero 

Kurukshetra unfolds the story of Mahabharata, the Indian epic story which has been made into a script. Apart from the lead actors, the story of the epic cinema is the real hero. 

Star Cast 

While Darshan plays Duryodhana, the film includes a huge list of star-cast who have been roped into to play pivotal characters in the movie. Apart from Challenging Star, the film stars veteran actor-politician Ambareesh, Arjun Sarja, Sonu Sood, Shashi Kumar, actress Sneha, Haripriya, Nikhil Kumaraswamy and others. 


In any epic or fantasy flick, the CGI (Computer Graphics) and Animation plays a vital role. It reflects the film at next level leaving the viewers in surprise. The trailer and teasers of Kurukshetra portray effective usage of CGI to showcase the series of war scenes. 

Direction & Screenplay 

First time ever, the director turned politician Munirathna has penned down the screenplay and he has also directed the movie starring Darshan which has raised huge expectations. The rich sets and stars cast of Munirathna's Kurukshetra are hitting the theatres on 9th August as a feast to Varamahalakshmi festival, how many of Darshan fans reading this are exciting? Leave your anxiety and craze about the film in the comment box below...