Jeff Bezos still the richest man on earth, ahead of Bill Gates

Even at 35 million dollar divorce settlement, Jeff Bezos to be the Amazon CEO.

Jeff Bezos still the richest man on earth, ahead of Bill Gates
Jeff Bezos Amazon ceo

Jeff Bezos is so rich that even at 35 million divorce settlement cannot change his spot to be the world richest man. The current situation is as such that Jeff Bezos has a fortune of 114 billion dollars from $150 after the settlement of divorce from his ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos as announced this Thursday. He still maintains the position on the first spot and after that its Bill Gates with total revenue of 102 billion dollars. The report is being taken out of Bloomberg's billionaire index. Most of his revenue or income comes from him the ownership stake in Amazon.

According to Bloomberg the capital of Belarus is completely unique for a personal office wealth because of how concentrated it is. The Bloomberg wealth reporter Tom Metcalf office is that, "If you look in his capital or Fortune than 90% of it is in public shares". He further added, "His biggest assets apart from Amazon are Blue Origin, which is an interesting company to value because there actually is not a lot of public data, and the Washington Post".

It's now more than 17 years as since 2002 Jeff Bezos has sold 7 billion dollars of shares. Metcalf even has estimated that Amazon's stock would have to reach $2,500 per share, or roughly 37% higher than current levels, to recover the money he's giving up  the divorce settlement. The divorce settlement, it that has happened between the couple Jeff and Mackenzie is considered to be the world's most expensive settlement. After the settlement mechanism resource will be considered as the world's third richest woman.