Greaves Cotton Introduces High-Speed Electric Scooter – Ampere Zeal

Greaves Cotton has launched Ampere Zeal with a subsidy of Rs 18,000 under the Fame II policy of the government read more...

Greaves Cotton Introduces High-Speed Electric Scooter – Ampere Zeal
Electric Scooter – Ampere Zeal

Greaves Cotton is the diversified engineering company in India. It has come up with an all-new, high-speed electric scooter known as the Ampere Zeal. The scooter is launched with a subsidy of 18,000 which falls under the FAME-II policy of the government.

The FAME India is majorly defined as Faster Adoption and Manufacture of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Scheme. To promote electric and hybrid vehicles in the country this incentive scheme is being introduced.

The best feature of the electric vehicle is that it comes with one to three-year warranty. In addition to that, it consists of a strong after-sales service network which includes more than 300 Greaves retail stores. Apart from that, there are above 5,000 aftermarket outlets in the country. The price of Ampere Zeal is 66,950 (ex-showroom) after subsidy.

Company has mentioned that the Ampere electric scooters are able to deliver significantly higher savings compare to the cost of lifestyle. 

Customers who are inclined to purchase two-wheeler electric scooter have an advantage in buying this newly launched scooter. Greaves have a partnership with some of India's prominent vehicle financiers. Thus, customers can enjoy affordable financial schemes in a convenient manner.

Specifications are:

The Ampere Zeal weighs 78 kg and is powered by BLDC hub motor. The battery gets fully charged within 5 to 6 hours. The speed of the scooter is 55 kmph and has attractive styling. The customer gets a choice of five high gloss metallic color options. It also consists of new LED headlights and anti-theft alarm.

Hence, you can test the newly launched scooter to know regarding its performance.