Former Basketball Player Sets the Record for World’s Tallest Politician

NEW YORK: The world’s tallest politician record is set by New York after they had already held the Guinness World Records for the most Instagrammed City and the most billionaires.

Former Basketball Player Sets the Record for World’s Tallest Politician
World’s Tallest Politician

Robert Cornegy Jr., is a former professional basketball player and now a city councilman representing Brooklyn. He is 53 years old and stands at a tall 6-foot-10 inches. Cornegy said that what he had gone through to get this measurement was borderline ridiculous, but he thinks it was worth it to bring that designation to New York and Brooklyn. 

Robert Cornegy Jr. will receive the designation at a ceremony at City Hallon Wednesday. It is not easy to get certified by Guinness as it requires the record-holder to submit official height verification. When Cornegy went to his former trainer at St. John's University for his height verification, Guinness did not like the tools used by his trainer. Cornegy then had to turn to doctors at Interfaith within his Council district.

Cornegy’s height was recorded when he was lying on the floor as it produces a greater measurement due to it relieving the pressure on the vertebrae and even when he is standing with his shoulders and heels against the wall.

Robert Cornegy Jr. is now officially the record-holder of the tallest politician. He beat Louis Gluckstein record by two and a half inches to get to the top. Louis Gluckstein was a London politician who passed away in 1979.