Find out good and bad ways of comforting a friend after break-up

If your friend has faced break-up, here are some good and bad ways to acknowledge their feelings read more ...

Find out good and bad ways of comforting a friend after break-up
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Often happens that you try to comfort your friend's post-break-up, but your wrong responses can affect the person badly. Hence, below are some good and bad responses which you can identify while cheering up your friend.

1.  Good: It is alright to get upset
Many times people feel shameful that they could not handle the relationship. If you tell the person, it is completely okay to get upset and that you ready to listen, they may definitely feel some comfort. You should try to validate their feelings.
2.  Bad: I understand how you feel.
Never assume that your friend’s situations are the same as yours. You may overlook what your friend is going through by analyzing your past. The experiences are never the same. 

3.  Good: Heartbreaks do not stay forever.
It is good to place your perspective and make your friend understand that heartbreak happens, but they stay for a while. You will eventually overcome it. Just see to share it in a cheerful tone.
4.  Bad: You will find someone else with time.
Such words can lead to further breaking of heart as your friend may feel that she or he does not deserve that person and has to start searching for someone new.

5.  Good: You look happy without him.
Here you can use examples to make your friend understand how she or he is better without that person. It can be anything like opting new hobbies which were restricted in the relationship.
6.  Bad: Avoid taking calls of the ex
Sometimes people heal by just staying with friends, whereas some overcome it without staying in contact. Hence, let them come out of it step by step.