Find out amazing ways to remove upper lip hair

Switch to some easy ways for getting rid of upper lip hair which is the major worry for many women read more....

Find out amazing ways to remove upper lip hair
ways to remove upper lip hair

 Women worry about unwanted hair growth and especially it is frustrating for them if the upper lip hair keeps on growing. The major reason for such hair growth is hormonal as well as genetic.

Here you can find some amazing ways to deal with upper lip hair.

1.  Hair Removal Cream: Depending upon on your skin you can choose the hair removal cream which is best to get rid of upper lip hair. Some creams are good for all kinds of skin including sensitive skin. All you need to do is apply the cream on the upper lip portion as per the time is given on its instruction manual. Later rinse it off.
2.  Hot Wax: Although painful, using hot wax with the help of wax strip proves beneficial in removing the unwanted hair on your upper lip. The best part is this gives a long-lasting effect.
3.  Use tweezers: Remove one hair at a time using tweezers. First, you need to hold the skin and then pinch the hair with the tweezers. Pull it sharply in the direction of hair growth. Lastly, rinse the area with cold water.

4.  Threading:Compare to shaving, threading effects stay for a longer time. It is the same as tweezing but is done using thread.
5.  Sugaring: This is a home remedy in which people use sugar in place of hot wax. You can even add honey, lemon juice and water to the sugar paste. Later apply it over the upper lips and remove it with the strip.
6.  Laser treatment: The main benefit of this treatment is that it lasts for several months. You need to get this treatment done with a certified dermatologist.