Crazy Star Ravichandran's daughter Geethanjali to get hitched tomorrow, Feb 21st!

Kannada actor Crazy Star Ravichandran's daughter Geethanjali is all set to get hitched tomorrow in a posh hotel with Businessman Ajay in Bangalore. Read below...

Crazy Star Ravichandran's daughter Geethanjali to get hitched tomorrow, Feb 21st!
It's wedding bells for Ravichandran's daughter Geethanjali. According to the news, the actor's daughter is getting engaged tomorrow, Feb 21st.

Be it any role actors play on screen, they too have a personal life and adorable families. It is a known fact that the life of an actor is on a rollercoaster and they tend to miss their family in their busy schedules. But, let's us not forget, actors too have important responsibilities and they can't escape from it! 

Here is a piece of interesting news from Sandalwood! According to the latest buzz, the Crazy Star actor Ravichandran is the happiest man on earth! Yes, he has a reason for it. As per the reports, 'Premaloka' actor's beloved daughter is all set to get hitched tomorrow on, Feb 21st. The news has gone viral on all the social media and fans just can't wait to see the first wedding of Crazy Star's family. 

Geetanjali, daughter of Ravichandran is getting engaged tomorrow, on Feb 21st Friday, with Businessman Ajay in a posh hotel of Bangalore say sources. As expected it is a family affair and only Ravichandran's first circle has been invited to the engagement ceremony. The 'Drishya' actor is one among the veteran actors of Kannada film industry and he acquires a huge fan base for delivering innovative films in earlier days.

The actor was last seen in Bucasura, a thriller film starring RJ Rohith and Kavya Gowda in the pivotal roles. Ravichandran's son Manoranjan made his debut through 'Saheba' and received huge appreciations from Kannada audiences. Apart from Manoranjan, Ravichandran's second son Vikram is also slated to enter films soon! 

However, now with Geethanjali's engagement news, fans of Crazy Star are excited! Stay tuned for more updates here...