Bigg Boss 13 day 9: Arti Singh accused Koena Mitra of playing a dirty game

Latest episode gave a view of the fighter inside the contestant Koena Mitra who was accused of laying dirty game by co housemate Arti Singh.

Bigg Boss 13 day 9: Arti Singh accused Koena Mitra of playing a dirty game
Arti Singh accused Koena Mitra of playing a dirty game.

The 9th episode of Bigg Boss 13 ended while the contestants were still busy doing 'Rani No 1' task, in order to select the first queen of the house. The game got dirtier and catchy with many fights, backstabbing and much more taking place in the house. Koena Mitra and Arti Singh also engaged in the fight as Arti accused Koena for playing dirty game. She also pointed out that Koena forgave Siddhartha Dey only before nominations.

Meanwhile, The fight to become Rani no. 1 is in full swing and everyone wants to win. Planning and plotting is the best option left to win and contestants are going on plans and baseless promises.

However, Koena is dependent on Paras’ commitment that he is going to stand by her and help her become the queen. Whereas Arti is another strong contender on the other hand also speaks to Paras hoping to win his support.

Meanwhile, we say Koena, while talking to Paras Chhabra, informs him that she got to know that Arti will be choosing her make to throw in the water. Later, she confronts Arti for the same. The two got into an ugly fight. 

However, Koena tells Arti, ‘Aapki Tarah nominate mat karo bol ke, haath jod ke logo se bheek nahi mangti.’ (Unlike you I don't beg to people to not nominate me.) After this Arti gets very angry and shouts at Koena and said, ‘Maine Sidharth Shukla se bheekh nahi maangi. Aapke dum pe nahi aayi hoon main yahaan pe. Apne dump pe aayi hoon.’ (I didn't beg to Sidharth Shukla. I am here not because of you but because of my capability).

It will be interesting to see who wins the title after this much planning and plotting.