7 Beverages You Just Can't Miss!

Turkish Sahlep, Jamaican Sorrel, Kashmiri Kahwa, Mexican Atole, Turkish Sahlep, Hong Kong Milk Tea and other Beverages You Just Can't Miss!

7 Beverages You Just Can't Miss!
7 Beverages You Just Can't Miss!

Everybody dreams of going on a world tour, but what we forget is that our dream world is often incomplete if we do not indulge in local activities. Touring is not just going places, admiring the beauty and clicking pictures, it is also enjoying the local cuisine. Thus, here are seven beverages you must try whenever you plan on going on the world tour!

1.    Jamaican Sorrel: Jamaican Sorrel used to be a seasonal drink or you can call it a holiday drink that was served during Christmas and New Year’s. It is now available throughout the year due to its high demand. It is a ruby-coloured drink made from the sorrel flower’s (flor de Jamaica) dried petals. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

2.    Kashmiri Kahwa: The Himalayan valley has a soul-warming drink to offer; Kashmiri Kahwa. It is a hot beverage that keeps you warm during the cold Kashmiri winters. It is basically Kashmiri green tea, which also comprises of spices that include, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves and salt while being garnished with saffron and nuts.

3.    Mexican Atole: Mexican Atole is a cold weather drink that is prepared by cooking ground field corn in water to form a thick, hot beverage. It is usually laced with cinnamon and vanilla. It is a popular breakfast drink. Sometimes, this drink is experimented with and various flavours are added to the drink such as; chocolate, blackberry, pineapple and many more.

4.    Turkish Sahlep: The forests and meadows in Turkey grow exotic orchids that help to produce the Salep. Turkish Salep is made with sugar, milk and a specific orchid bulb powder which makes the drink unique and containearthy flavour and a creamy texture. This drink helps with the healing of respiratory problems, like bronchitis and cough.

5.    Hong Kong Milk Tea: The Hong Kong milk tea is a strong and sweet beverage also known as the pantyhose tea. This drink has no definitive recipe as every restaurant has their own age-old secret method of brewing this beverage. This teas has both, a hot and an ice version.

6.    Japanese Matcha Green Tea Shake or Matcha Latte: Matcha is the healthiest green tea, which is made by mixing matcha green tea powder with milk. It is best enjoyed as a hot latte or chilled shake as the bitterness of the tea is neutralised by the milk. This tea may contain cancer-prevention properties and keep your heart healthy.

7.    Russian Sbiten: Sbiten is a Russian, honey-based beverage, which is very easy to prepare. It is a comforting drink while its name means ‘to beat’. It contains honey, lemon zest, orange zest, fruit jam, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, cardamom pods, nutmeg, fresh ginger and mint leaves. But to make the best Sbiten, you must have good-quality honey and spices.