6 easy & effective ways to have beautiful skin during sunny days!

To overcome the brutal heat of summer, here are some effective tips to glow your skin.

6 easy & effective ways to have beautiful skin during sunny days!
Easy and effective six ways to pamper your skin

Hot weather often affects our skin and in summers our skin becomes dull and dehydrated. It is tough for people to maintain their skin in this season as the face gets oily or have breakouts. Sun exposures result in tanning, an early sign of aging and even rashes. Hence, below are some effective measures to get beautiful glowing skin during the summer season.

1. Don’t miss the sunscreen: It is essential to have sun protection for all your exposed parts which includes hands, legs, and face. You should invest in a sunscreen with SPF 30 for protection from UV rays. To have a better result, you must apply it twice in a day.

2. Stay hydrated: You must drink a good amount of water. The best thing is to carry a water bottle wherever you are going. It removes all the toxins from the body and makes your skin hydrated. You feel refreshed during the hot weather.

3. Moisturizer is must: Many believe that moisturizer can make our skin oily. However, experts suggest it is better to have proper moisturizer so that sebaceous glands do not become overactive. Light moisturizer can prevent breakouts and keep your skin healthy.

4. Skin Toning: Pores are reduced if you apply toner on your face during summers. It keeps the skin clean and free from oil.

5. Use Face Mist: During hot summer days, a cool face mist is like a boon. It relaxes your skin and soothes down the sunburn. There is numerous face mist available in the market.

6. Exfoliate: Flush out the dead skin cells with the help of exfoliation. Your skin looks radiant after the process. But do not overdo it.