5 Lip-smacking ways to Indulge in Leftover Pasta

Here are the 5 Lip-smacking ways to Indulge in Leftover Pasta read more...

5 Lip-smacking ways to Indulge in Leftover Pasta
Here are the 5 Lip-smacking ways to Indulge in Leftover Pasta.

My parent’s favourite dialogue still echoes in my ears, ‘Do NOT waste food’. I remember looking at green vegetables and wondering how could anybody potentially finish this healthy but definitely distasteful meal. I also remember my parents telling me to eat to feed the hunger and not the stomach. This line definitely stuck with me, and no matter what delicious food I’m eating, I only eat for my hunger and not my stomach. This means that even if it is one of my favourite foods, pasta is always a leftover at my house. Yes, I can definitely reheat it the next day and enjoy the delicious meal, but what if I could make a new dish out of my regular meal? 
Just like the wine, cooked pasta gets better with time. When the pasta consistency improves and the sauces intermingle, the flavour becomes more nuanced. This opens the window to exquisite pasta snacks! Here are five of my go-to pasta snacks for you to munch on while you enjoy a day of new experiences!

1. Pasta Cheese Balls: Take a bowl and mix your leftover pasta, herbs, cheese, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper well. Once you’re done with this, mould your mixture into bite-sized pasta cheese balls, using your hands. Fry these balls in oil, and voila! Your pasta cheese balls are ready!

2. Pasta Sandwich: Pasta sandwich will give you the best of both worlds. Take the leftover pasta and spread it on a fresh slice of bread. To make it tastier, throw in some cheese and herbs. Place another slice of bread on the top and grill it. This is your ultimate pasta sandwich!

3. Pasta Muffin: If simple recipes are not your type, then baking might surely be! Grease your muffin tray with oil spray and place your leftover pasta in the muffin mould.  For your pasta muffin to reach its full potential, choose cheese and parsley as your toppings. There goes your pasta muffin!

4. Pasta Pizza: If pizza is more your style, then get your pizza base out and spread some leftover pasta on it. Top it with cheese and your preferred toppings. Now, set it in the oven to bake, and out comes your fresh and wholesome. Easy-to-make cheesy pizza!

5. Pasta Salad: If you are a health enthusiast, then salads might be your go-to food. Worry not! I have got you covered in this department too! You need no appliances for this dish. Just chop up your favourite vegetables and toss them with the pasta in a bowl. Now, dress the salad with your favourite dressing and your healthy leftover pasta salad is ready!