5 best ways to pamper and nurture your hands with a variety of Manicure

Pamper your hands with different types of manicure and make them look good.

5 best ways to pamper and nurture your hands with a variety of Manicure
Check out 5 best ways to pamper youself with variety and healthy manicures.

Everyone loves to have soft hands and nails shining with cool nail paint. However, you need to regularly take care of your hands and take care of them in the best possible way. One of the ways is to do regular manicure which not only includes painting the nails but also exfoliating your hands in a systematic manner. It is a luxury but also an important part of the skin and body care.

Here are 5 different types of manicure which you can opt for:

1. Normal manicure – It is a basic kind of manicure in which cuticles are trimmed after hands are soaked in water. The nails are given shape and hands are given a proper massage. Lastly, nail paint is applied according to your choice. This is the type of manicure for beginners and does not charge much.

2. Spa manicure - A spa manicure is popular among millennials as it has some additional features apart from what is done in a regular manicure. The best part is this manicure lasts for a longer time as in this an aromatic salt scrub is applied. Also, hands are given an oil massage. Lastly, a hydrating mask is applied all over the hands and nails.

3. Manicure with hot oil- It is the most relaxing manicure which includes soaking the fingers in hot oil. It moisturizes your hands and fingers so well as in this wide variety of natural oils are used. It indeed is a lavish manicure that one must try.

4. Soak off gel based manicure – The only difference in this manicure is that the nails are painted using UV light. Hence, your nail paint stays for a longer time.

5. Paraffin wax manicure – In this lukewarm liquid wax is used in which your palm is soaked for a while.